Founded in 1957, the Illinois Retail Merchants Association (IRMA), a not-for-profit organization, is comprised of Member retail companies. It is one of the most active state retail organizations in the United States.

IRMA services operate under the policy direction of the IRMA Board of Directors and President & CEO Rob Karr. The Association maintains two corporate offices, one in Chicago, Illinois (216 W. Jackson Blvd); the other, in the state’s capitol of Springfield (216 Broadway).

Long before Illinois deregulated its electric and gas markets, IRMA provided its Members with important legislative and regulatory proposals and changes. IRMA also directed retailers to the right people and resources to help with public utilities matters. 

While this support continued through Illinois deregulating its markets, additional services and programs were developed including IRMA and its Members, together, advancing an energy procurement program that continues to evolve and expand today. 

IRMA Member-companies, including those that employ the country’s most respected and knowledgeable national energy managers, move forward having two decades operating in Illinois’ deregulated market. They continue to influence and drive product development, pricing and contract transparency, and buying strategies.

IRMA credits its Members for the success deregulation has experienced in Illinois and across the country sharing their expertise, experience and recommendations for the benefit of the entire Membership and, ultimately, all customers operating in deregulated markets. Efforts continue in identifying and developing new and innovative initiatives, programs and services that impact the bottom lines of businesses.