The Illinois Retail Merchants Association’s (IRMA’s) history with Energy Services ─and its position as a not-for-profit 501(c)(6) dedicated to supporting the retail industry─ clearly differentiates IRMA from most who provide energy procurement services.

With the urging of its Members, IRMA developed a multiple supplier procurement platform. In addition to the Association’s long-time single supplier, the platform includes a select number of the country’s most sound and reliable suppliers.

IRMA is the first, and, to date, the only non-for-profit organization to be granted an ABC (Agent, Broker and Consultant) license by the State of Illinois, the license required to obtain pricing from more than one single supplier.

With state ABC licensure, services the Association always provided its Members did not change. What did change, is IRMA Members are now able to obtain offers from multiple, reliable energy suppliers through the Association’s Energy Program.


In March of 2023,  IRMA began a strategic relationship with Breakerbox, LLC (Breakerbox) to provide procurement services for the IRMA Energy Program.  As the energy landscape continues to become more complex, IRMA has looked ahead and recognized the need for more direct support and resources for our members. We are excited to work in direct alignment with Breakerbox in expanding the IRMA Energy program and support our membership in providing valuable services that will give our program more depth and enhanced solutions.

The addition of Breakerbox to the IRMA Energy team provides added benefits to our members including;

  • National Coverage – Breakerbox is one of the few Energy Advisors that are licensed in EVERY deregulated state. This will allow IRMA to assist members who operate locations in states beyond Illinois with procuring energy.
  • Supplier Relationships – IRMA Energy is known for its strong supplier relationships. Breakerbox will complement our existing supplier connections with our current IRMA-approved suppliers in addition to new suppliers, giving members added options and increased service opportunities.
  • Added Resources – Knowing that the future is bringing significant changes, adding Breakerbox to the IRMA team will provide more powerful resources including renewables, Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emission reduction goals and more.

Contact your IRMA Energy Team  at Breakerbox to request pricing from trusted suppliers, discuss offers and buying strategies, or request new products or services you would like to see developed.