IRMA urges retailers who operate facilities in the ComEd territory to enroll today in the utility’s no-cost “Strategic Energy Management (SEM) for Retail” pilot program. You have nothing to lose!

Through participation in the ComEd SEM for Retail pilot, your designated employee(s) will be trained on how to incorporate no-cost – easy to implement – energy conservation measures that save money! 

  • Participants are eligible for pilot incentives of up to $1,000 and an additional incentive of 1-cent per kWh ($10 per MWh) for the reduction in energy usage over the duration of the Pilot.
  • At the same time, you can expect to see lower electric bills by implementing facility-specific, simple behavioral changes such as closing doors, turning lights off where and when not needed, delaying turning on equipment and turning equipment off after use, learning not to overstock cases, and maintaining and/or setting back temperatures for equipment.

Your company will be assigned an energy coach & support team who will:

  1. Perform FREE energy assessment(s) of your sites.
  2. Model and monitor your energy consumption over the course of the Pilot
  3. Identify cost-savings behavioral changes your workforce can easily incorporate into their daily schedules.
  4. Provide training and company-specific materials such as check-lists designated employees can follow when opening and closing your stores.
Below we have provided examples of potential savings for different types and sizes of retailers assuming a 5% reduction usage through no-cost behavioral changes and/or low-cost maintenance measures that will be identified through your company’s participation in the SEM for Retail program.


*PLEASE NOTE: examples above should not be applied to your specific locations/stores. They are provided to illustrate potential savings IRMA retailers could experience based on factors specific to their individual facilities including but not limited to historical usage, actual prices each is paying for electricity “supply” and different utility distribution rates. Please feel free to contact IRMA for a customized savings estimate based on your store(s)’ specific factors.
Click here to view the ComEd SEM for Retail program description.
Brian Bowe, Vice President of Energy Services: 920-639-5657
Maggie Murphy, Program Coordinator: 773-871-1110
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